About us

Importer and distributor

Starsweets is a leading, independent importer and distributor of sweets and snacks in all of the Benelux. Representing prominent manufacturers from all over Europe and other parts of the world, Starsweets is able to offer a great variety of products. In the relatively small world of sweets and snacks, it is generally known that Starsweets entirely focuses on customer service, and that we primarily concentrate on delivering high quality products.

Quality and Innovation

Within our selection, we strive to combine quality and innovation. Of course, Starsweets also introduces so-called Pulse articles with a shorter life cycle, like commodities for children such as novelties, and seasonal items. All of the Starsweets-products are manufactured according to the international valid directives for food safety. Starsweets is also ISO certified.


Another of StarSweets’ strong points is that we use a big and modern logistics distribution center in Eindhoven, covering an area of 24.000 m2. The distribution center is conveniently located in the center of the Benelux. From this distribution center, the products are transported and delivered throughout all of the Benelux, using eye-catching trucks. Naturally, this all happens according to the latest guidelines of the General Food Law.

The team

Christian Pauwels


Joep Welten

Commercial Manager Starsweets Holland

Johan van Deuren

Commercial Manager Starsweets Belgium & Luxemburg

Hein van Bergen

Financial controller

Sanne Startman


Guido Schreuder

Account manager

Jacolijn van Rijsewijk

Sales backoffice Starsweets Belgium & Luxemburg

Erik Smit

Assistent controller

Lars Kloosterman

Graduation intern process optimization

Nancy Lauwerijssen

Sales backoffice Starsweets Holland

Zeger de Regt

Assistent logistics manager

Peter Hendrickx

Logistics Manager


At the moment we have no vacancies available. For an open application, please send an email to info@starsweets.nl.